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If you can't provide the above details because your licence (photocard and/or counterpart) has been lost, stolen, defaced or destroyed you can use our licence replacement form

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By providing your national insurance number, you are allowing it to be used by the DVLA to verify your identity. This is not mandatory, however, if you do not provide your national insurance number, it may delay your application and you may be required to verify your identity to the DVLA via post.

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Please enter your UK passport number below. You will be giving your consent to access your personal data (including your photo and signature) held by the Identity and Passport Service (IPS).
The information returned from IPS will be used to check your identity.

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Please answer the following security questions. Your answers will be forwarded to the DVLA and will be used to verify your identity during any customer service queries.



£ 93
  • Government Fees --------------- £14
  • 1 Year Driving Online Support - £79